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    I registered a new domain with GoDaddy and wanted to add it to an already made subdomain on my site. I set the nameservers in GoDaddy, and HM picked up the domain just fine.

    However, when I go to add the subdomain to the new domain name as an addon domain, it just redirects to the subdomain url. I set the subdirectory to the one I want, and set the subdomain to the one I already created, but it still simply redirects to the previous subdomain url. How do I get it so that the domain name is consistent throughout the website?

    As an example, say I own with Host Monster. I have as a subdomain. I registered the domain with godaddy. Right now, if I go to, the browser simply redirects to I want it to stay as

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    there would be no reason to add the subdomain test to if you dont want to access it that way. you would choose addon domain from your domain manager and point it to the directory (for this example i would create the folder public_html/thedomain) it is also possible you have something going on in one of the .htaccess files redirecting it
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